Web Ferret 6 searches the web to many search engines
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Web Ferret version 6 is a search software that’s very rapid and powerful. The program searches the web quickly and thoroughly; you only have to submit your search to query many search engines and all the results will be showed in one summarizing window.

It’s rapid as you only have to type in your query and click the return key or the search button, then the program will instantly query the most popular search engines in parallel, filled with quality results in no time. You can sort the results page by address, name, description or source.
Double click on a result to view the web page and it will open in your web browser.

The program is filled with options as you can select any search engine you want and any number of results to return. Enable password-protected obscenity filters or creation of your own, and control over the search history is also available.

The program can be used directly from an integrated toolbar into your Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers. It's very easy to use and filled with features, such as keyword suggestions and the removal of duplicate results to make your search easier and simpler. The program can independently validate any number of results.

You can also do many other things, like making sure that a page really exists for the results you choose, specify the kind of search you would like to conduct, and you can either search all the keywords in you query, an exact phrase, or just use a Boolean expression, like AND or OR, etc.

The program requires WINDOWS VSITA/XP/2000 operating systems

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